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All moved in to my new home
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All moved in to my new home
All moved in to my new home
Hi Coders,

Well I'm all moved in to my new home now. It took most of the day and we had loads of furniture to move and about 5,000 boxes and bags full of rubbish to haul down the stairs to the removal van and once we arrived at the new place we had to take it all out again. It was probably one of the most strenuous and annoying days of my life lol

I managed to get most of it all organised and unpacked (the computer is up and running as you can tell lol) but I still have a long way to go. I will be back cracking on with the update I promised a few months ago and I really REALLY hope I can get it done before Christmas.

Christmas.....OMG....just moved and now I have to deal with Christmas! humbug, I'll give everyone an empty box when I've finished unpacking them...boxes are useful lol

So yep, hope you're all doing well and still coding away.

Has anyone seen my moderators? haven't seen them for a while. I go away for a couple of weeks and they vanish, they probably thought it was a good time to escape. You're under contract, a life-time contract and I will find you. I have bounty hunters mobilising as I type lol. :teehe;
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Re: All moved in to my new home
Happy to hear you have moved successful :D
yeah, that's sad that your employees running of when some people need them hahahahaha

hope you will succeed with your updates....

Well hear you soon ;)
Re: All moved in to my new home

Welcome back!

I purchased a new SSD for my desktop PC. It's a terribly slow machine that was running Windows 10. I installed a fresh copy on the new drive and the speed difference is amazing. It feels like a brand new computer and boot speed is ten times faster.

I haven't been coding as of lately but I hope to do some more PHP work in a few weeks for a contractor I work for.

I've also been promoted at work I am now a 'Cleaning Dispatcher' working under Help Desk. Using a web portal and handsets I send cleaning jobs to reactive staff's phones.
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Re: All moved in to my new home
Re: All moved in to my new home
We demand a 35% wage increase or we won't come back!

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