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Re: Convert Manual Date to DateTime

 by SumCode ¦  Sat May 21, 2016 4:17 am ¦  Forum: Coding Help & Support ¦  Topic: Convert Manual Date to DateTime ¦  Replies: 2 ¦  Views: 643

You can try using Regex:

Code: Select all
var sDate = "May22016";
var fDate = Regex.Replace(sDate, @"^(\w{3})(\d{1,2})(\d{4})$", "$1/$2/$3", RegexOptions.Multiline); //Formats date
var dt = DateTime.ParseExact(fDate, "MMM/d/yyyy", new CultureInfo("en-US"));
Console.WriteLine(dt.ToString("MMM d, yyyy ddd"));

Re: [WIP] Harp Music

 by SumCode ¦  Sun Apr 03, 2016 1:36 am ¦  Forum: Work in Progress ¦  Topic: [WIP] Harp Music ¦  Replies: 5 ¦  Views: 906

Alright guys new update. CHANGES: Added ability to set hotkeys for playing, pausing, stopping, going in reverse, and advancing Added ability to cache YouTube and SoundCloud media for offline listening Added ability to select which quality to view/download YouTube videos Added ability to view/downloa...

Re: [WIP] Harp Music

 by SumCode ¦  Wed Mar 23, 2016 5:13 am ¦  Forum: Work in Progress ¦  Topic: [WIP] Harp Music ¦  Replies: 5 ¦  Views: 906

Thanks for the reply and to answer your questions: Is it possible to use multimedia keys on my mouse/keyboard in order to switch between tracks? Not at the moment. I have not yet setup any hot keys for now, but I definitely will. If there are any other hot keys you think would be useful aside from p...

[WIP] Harp Music

 by SumCode ¦  Tue Mar 22, 2016 11:07 pm ¦  Forum: Work in Progress ¦  Topic: [WIP] Harp Music ¦  Replies: 5 ¦  Views: 906

Hey guys, today, I have a new project that I've been working on, Harp Music. Harp Music spawned off of my want to play music from YouTube, Soundcloud, and my own personal library. There used to be an application like this, Aurous , except it used pirated music so it got taken down. So now I present ...

Re: Regex match Individual groups

 by SumCode ¦  Sat Jan 23, 2016 11:10 pm ¦  Forum: Coding Help & Support ¦  Topic: Regex match Individual groups ¦  Replies: 2 ¦  Views: 261

So if I understand what you're looking for you want to get 'title' and put it in a variable named 'title' and put 'tags' under a variable named 'tags'. Dim Title = Regex.Match(text, "Title:\s*(.*)").Groups(1).Value Dim Tags = Regex.Matches(text, "tags:\s*(.+)").Cast(Of Match)().Select(Function(x) x....

Re: Regex search problem

 by SumCode ¦  Tue Jan 05, 2016 6:01 pm ¦  Forum: Coding Help & Support ¦  Topic: Regex search problem ¦  Replies: 4 ¦  Views: 472

Using Regex Well the reason it doesn't work is because you put '\s' where there is no extra whitespace. So you can change it to '\s?' to make it so it still matches when there is no whitespace. You are also able to shorten your regex to just '<a href=""\/dc\/doujin\/-\/list\/=\/article=keyword\/id=...

Re: Regex search problem

 by SumCode ¦  Tue Jan 05, 2016 4:44 pm ¦  Forum: Coding Help & Support ¦  Topic: Regex search problem ¦  Replies: 4 ¦  Views: 472

It would help if you posted what your source looks like or the link to what your webclient is downloading and in addition, post what value you're trying to get . So for example say the string you want to parse is "the man ate 3 burgers" and the value you want is ' 3 ', you would post what is bolded....

Re: How to capture values in real time? (Best way)

 by SumCode ¦  Sat Jan 03, 2015 11:49 pm ¦  Forum: Coding Help & Support ¦  Topic: How to capture values in real time? (Best way) ¦  Replies: 5 ¦  Views: 192

You could download the string from here and get the table values under 'content'. However I will note that this is a little bit tricky because one of the parameters in the url is dynamic I believe

Re: How to grab specific element to value

 by SumCode ¦  Sat Jan 03, 2015 1:15 am ¦  Forum: Coding Help & Support ¦  Topic: How to grab specific element to value ¦  Replies: 9 ¦  Views: 270

If you want to use regex this will work: >(\w+)<\/a>

And just capture the first group

Re: Multi-Threading - problem

 by SumCode ¦  Mon Dec 22, 2014 7:25 pm ¦  Forum: Coding Help & Support ¦  Topic: Multi-Threading - problem ¦  Replies: 6 ¦  Views: 172

So what I am saying is that instead of creating a new delegate (in your case 'NoteDelegate') you can use a pre made delegate called MethodInvoker . So where you wrote Me.Invoke(New NoteDelegate(AddressOf Note)) one could write Invoke(New MethodInvoker(AddressOf Note)) Not that big of a deal though. ...

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