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Stepping back and going Retro

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Stepping back and going Retro

Sun Feb 17, 2019 7:37 pm

Hi Coders,

I've seen a lot of members, guests and some new members on the site over the last few months but it goes without saying that our beloved site just isn't as active as it once was. I understand this to be for a number of reasons (as I've said many many times before):

People have lost interest in coding, moved on to other things, too busy with school/college/university or like in my case, too busy with work and life in general that we just don't have much free time in which to code anymore.

But deep down I know that it's not just about people moving on as a reason for the sites activity decline, it's also down to me not being around as much. The reason for this is due to life and work but ever since I created this new site template I think the site has lost its charm. I loved it when it first went live but after using it for a while (in my opinion) it just feels complicated, cluttered and not very friendly to those who are new to it.

A lot of members originally wanted the site updating to a more modern design and I eventually gave in, twice in fact, and redesigned the site over the last few years but I've never been truly happy with it.

The new templates took too long to create, take up too much time to maintain and update and it's something I just can't do anymore. I want to spend my time creating not maintaining.

Codenstuff.com is 10 years old this year....... 10 YEARS!! :)

Which is why I've now decided to take the site back to its roots and go back to its original, simple and easy to navigate style. For those of you who joined our family 8-10 years ago will remember the original /default template look the site had and that was when the site really began to take off. I could go to sleep at night having read/answered/posted loads of topics, wake up the next day and do it all again, that is when the site was buzzing.

I'll be taking the site back to its roots over the next few weeks but if you're thinking "Oh no. The site is going to look really old fashioned!" then never fear. I'll be using a template designed by a very talented coder (modified to suit our needs) which will make the site look like it did originally but it will feel modern and responsive. It will also need less maintenance which means, for me at least, I can go back to concentrating on my other projects and start posting some support/tutorials again.

People come here to learn, share and teach coding and don't want to be distracted with loads of fancy graphics and popping in and out menus etc. We need to go back to basics and just make it about coding and having people able to jump on the site and post or read what they want quickly and easily.

We're 10 this year and we're STILL here. Not many new sites have lasted as long as our beloved Codenstuff.

The site is not dead.

I am still here.

WE are still here.

Time to bring our family back together.

See you ALL soon.
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