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  • Important site announcements and information.
Important site announcements and information.
 #84492  by CodenStuff
 Mon Jan 11, 2021 3:03 pm
Hi all,

Firstly, I hope you're all safe and well. It's been a hard year for the entire world but hopefully it now looks like we may be winning the fight against covid.

Secondly... HAPPY NEW YEAR ..to you all.

Now on to the good news. The site isn't dead! If you've been visiting occasionally and seeing lack of activity, don't worry, we haven't gone anywhere.

I've spent the last few months cooped up in the house and working on the site in the background. Our current template, which I updated last year, was meant to bring a retro feel back to the site. Unfortunately the template author hasn't had much new to offer and the template is constantly breaking.

Over the years I've been using templates made by others and modifying them to suit our site and needs, but they never seem to work out how I wanted them too.... So, over the last few months I've created an original and unique template for the site, using the awesome power of bootstrap its fully mobile ready and works on everything, everywhere. What's so good about the new template I've been working on? - I've coded it myself from start to finish, 100% from scratch.

I'll be updating the site once again very soon. Not only have I made a new template but I've been learning to use the new phpBB extension coding method to create our own features for the site. Apart from the phpBB backend itself, the template and features will all be coded 100% by me, I believe this will make things easier in the long run to update and maintain.
It's going to be good. I hope to see some of you checking in every now and then.

See you all soon. :)

Stay safe and take care.
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