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  • Important site announcements and information.
Important site announcements and information.
 #82707  by CodenStuff
 Thu Jan 01, 2015 4:37 am
Hello Coders,

Happy new year to you all wahooo;

Here we are once again at the end of another year as we head in to a new one.

So what's been happening in 2014?

Well, lets be honest, activity on the site has been quite low at least in terms of users making new posts to the forum. We've had 567+ new registrations this year and thankfully most of those were genuine people and not spam bots, most of the new members have verified their emails and returned to the site on more than one occasion which shows that at least “browsing” activity on the site has been quite high.

We have to remember that a lot of people who register and visit the site regularly just browse and read posts rather than posting their own, our guest count is always quite high on a daily basis so that shows people are coming, we may not hear from them but they're there and I like to think of them as our extended family.

So yes, in terms of new content being posted on site it hasn't really been a good year.

Its not all doom and gloom though as we do have a few statistics to celebrate, our total users simultaneously online record was broken in March and now stands at 69 and we've reached over 75,000 posts on the forum.

2014 also saw us reach our 5th birthday which we celebrated in July with a big virtual party lol. Five years we've been here now, five years of sharing code and five years of helping coders reach their potential and goals. Amazing.

Our original members have all started to grow up now, the pressures of school, college, university, jobs and personal lives has meant that a lot of them have sadly had to leave us or not be as active as they once were, to those members I wish you good health and good luck in whatever you're doing but we hope you will stop by and say hello in the future if you get the chance.

So what will 2015 bring?

Times are changing, people aren't just confined to sitting at a desk anymore, we have smaller and portable devices now.

People are changing, older coders are moving on (and getting on a bit lol) and making way for a whole new generation of coders. Schools around the world and even once again here in the UK are teaching kids about hardware and how to code.

Hardware and software are changing, new cost effective and powerful micro computers are being released regularly, new platforms are emerging, software and the way we see and use it is being updated, Windows 10 is due out in 2015 that merges desktop, tablet and mobile in to a single environment.

Everything is changing, it is changing for the better and it is time we changed with it and that's why in 2015 the site will be given a long overdue update.

The new site will be a total re-build, it will be designed to function on ALL your devices (mobile, desktop, tablet) so you can still share code while you're on the move, on a bus, on a train, on the toilet, if you have a capable device to hand then you will be able to log on....wash your hands first lol.

We will have new content areas, new social features and other bits and bytes to make the user experience one they'll never forget, tell their friends about and want to come back again and again.

The new site isn't ready yet and it will be some time (and a LOT of testing) before it will be ready for the masses but I will show you a few sneaky peeks at the new design in its current state...





So that's a huge change to look forward to in 2015

Before I go its time to reveal this years member of the year.

It appears we have a 4 way tie this year, you've selected 4 members, congratulations to:

It's always a pleasure and an honour to work with you, Sir! Thanks for all your help and care

Smashapps is always very helpful and kind to all members on here. He helps out as much as he can
and posts good tutorials.

Just a great person who helps people if needed.

Very helpful and supportive, never in doubt when i asked him for help

Congratulations on becoming our joint member of the year 2014 boogy;

Happy new year and keep on coding cooll;
 #82708  by comathi
 Thu Jan 01, 2015 5:27 am
Pop the Champagne, blow the kazoos, sprinkle the confetti! 2015 has arrived!! nutter;

A very happy new year to everyone. Congratulations to the four winners, you guys truly deserve it. All throughout the year, you've helped out old and new members, posted great tutorials and contributed to making Codenstuff the great coding community that it is. Cheers! cooll;

#CodenStuff, the new design just looks better and better everytime you show me your progress. Great work so far, keep at it if you want your pay at the end of the year ;)

Happy 2015 everyone!!!
 #82709  by Shim
 Thu Jan 01, 2015 5:37 am
#CodenStuff Good :) looks awesome! but you have to do some marketing and get some more members :) maybe advertise once on adwords :)
 #82710  by visualtech
 Thu Jan 01, 2015 10:40 am
A very codey Happy New Year everybody!

I really can't contain my excitement for being the Member of the Year! Really pepped! :D

#CodenStuff, looks great! If you can fix up the line-height and the paddings of the titles, it be even "more awesomer" :D

And as always, I'm willing to help, should you require any ;)
 #82727  by mikethedj4
 Mon Jan 05, 2015 4:22 am
Flat UI is so beautiful :)

and on the toilet really? I have a feeling you added that cause you be browsing on it lol