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  • Site Update - January 2018

  • Important site announcements and information.
Important site announcements and information.
 #84349  by CodenStuff
 Sun Jan 07, 2018 3:35 pm
Hello Coders,

It's been a long time coming but the latest (and possibly greatest) update to the site is almost ready to be implemented.

I am going to schedule it for next weekend at the latest - between 12th and 14th January

It will be a massive update and I know I've given warnings in the past about the site being offline for some time during updates but this time the site definitely will be offline for an undetermined length of time. The downtime will be due to us having to completely overhaul the database and file system of the site so we literally have no idea how long it will take of how long the site will be offline. It could take an hour or if some unforeseen problems arise it could take all weekend.

As mentioned in a previous post the site layout will remain primarily the same, we'll still have the sidebar etc but it will be noticeably different and better suited for use on PC's, Tablets and Mobile devices.

I really can't go in to too much detail at this stage in regards to features but I hope you all like the new design.

As I said this is the biggest site update we've ever undertaken so expect down time next weekend.

Another thing to take special note of is that we may lose some data so I may need to disable new registrations/posts on the site over the next few days. I can only apologise for any lost data after the update but this is unavoidable.

Mark it in your calendars and we'll see you all soon.

Update between 12th and 14th January

Thank you all for understanding.
 #84352  by CodenStuff
 Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:20 pm
This is it boys and girls.

As of NOW the site is in update mode. Registrations have been temporarily disabled and anything posted between now and the update completion may be lost.

Here is the plan order for the update:
1) Backup the entire site files from the host
2) Backup, Backup again, Backup the backups of the database.
3) Cross every limb on my body, hope, pray, rub a lamp and wish that everything goes well
4) Update the live database with the new data and tables
5) Backup, Backup again, backup the backups of the newly upgraded database
6) Check pulse and maybe do some breathing excercises
7) Remove ALL files from the host
8) Upload new files to the host
9) Check, re-check, tripple check, check again and tripple check the re-checks to make sure everything has been done correctly
10) Re-enable the site, drink a cold beverage, possibly pass out for a while and wait to see if the site is working as expected.

In the event that the update can't be completed for whatever reason I will cancel it and reverse everything back to how it was until the issue(s) can be solved.

Hold on to your...whatever is handy.

See you all soon :Nervs; :please;
 #84353  by CodenStuff
 Sun Jan 14, 2018 7:43 pm
Okay I have finally managed to get the site up and running. I had a lot of issues both with the database and files which took a lot longer to solve than I had hoped.

What you see isn't the final product but at least the site is up and you guys and gals can continue to post and get any help you need. I will continue with the updates over the next week or so once I have everything ready and working. I apologise if some areas of the site aren't working or displaying correctly this is due to having to disable some functionality while repairs are made.

However, I hope you like the new design so far. Depending which device you are using you can shrink the left sidebar and remove the right sidebar to fit your needs and preference.

I welcome any problems being reported so I can fix them and any suggestions you may have to improve the site while these updates are going on.

Thank you and as always keep coding :)