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  • Ubuntu Touch Apps Available In 13.10

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Talk about anything and everything Linux.
 #79926  by mikethedj4
 Sat Jan 25, 2014 5:28 am
There's many to point out, but you can go here to read more about it.


This is by far the simplest browser I've ever used (yet nice and sleek). A bit confusing at first being used to traditional browsers, but I came to findout this is made for touch users.

You scroll from the bottom up to view your search bar, and activity log. (Activity log is where you view your history and bookmarks)

You press your mousewheel or touch and move up to scroll up and visa versa for bottom. Currently there's no way to clear cookies or cashe, at least in the test run I tried running 13.10. However it's pretty nice and smooth. Mouse press scrolling didn't work on my website, and it didn't render arial font which is applied to the body css. However I did notice it is using the webkit browser rendering engine as the css to custom the browser scrollbar on my website requires that.

Never the less I thought I'd share this as it may come in handy for some of you. (BTW: The launcher icons are resizable in 13.10 and 14.04.)