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  • How Did You Findout About Linux?

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Talk about anything and everything Linux.
 #19882  by mikethedj4
 Tue Aug 24, 2010 6:23 am
Very simple, reply telling everyone as well as myself of how you foundout about Linux?

This goes back about 5-4 years ago back when MySpace was still "the spot" storta speak, and one of the dude's on this group called MySpace Computer Help Group had some pictures of the Linux desktop (with the cool 3d cube, and everything) and mentioned the os was free, and brought the free software intro the convo as well, which automatically got my attention (At this point I didn't know what open source was) and began talking to him about it, and learning more, and more of it. I eventually got the Wubi Installer to dual boot Ubuntu on my Windows Vista machine, and I decided I would give GNOME a try first (Particularly Ubuntu), which when I started using it I had a pain, like trying to figure out how to convert an rpm to a deb, installing .bin files as well as .run files, tarballs, and unlocking locked folders. Once I figured the basics out I became hooked with Linux, with the amount of free open source software all around the package managers, finding out, and trying amazing free alternatives to expensive software, not to mention so many customization options with it as well, which is unbelievable.

Now once I got the hand of GNOME I decided I would give a KDE distro a try (Kubuntu) and I just didn't like the way of how the desktop was put together as in navigating to find the software, change resolution, etc: I still use Kubuntu once in awhile for programming purposes, but I personally prefer my Ubuntu distro.

Once I foundout about Linux, and got the hang of how it worked, and began to fall in love with the OS. I had to look into other distros and try them out. Ended up putting Fedora Linux on my PS3, and while searching I foundout about DSL (Damn Small Linux), which is a 50MB operating system that'll run right on the live cd. Which runs so smoothly, I love it. Now DSL used to be the worlds smallest operating system, but TinyCore Linux went even smaller that 50MB. They made the OS at 10MB in size. I personally didn't even think anyone could do that, and they did it, with no problems at all. An amazing list of Linux distributions there, software, effects, and help. I instantly became hooked with the Linux world as well with the Linux penguin named Tux.
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 #20692  by Agust1337
 Sat Aug 28, 2010 7:22 pm
my brother told me about it. And i really liked it but until he said not all games worked on it, but i am kinda quitted playing games right now, and i dont have time to install it, but i will when i get new hard drive ;)

ubuntu ftw :D