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Talk about anything and everything Linux.
 #32548  by Proprogrammer
 Wed Jan 19, 2011 4:51 am
This is my First Logo, i decided to make right after i passed my Adobe Certified Exam(yes it is a real exam, it is worth 120$) This only took me 18 mintues to make. Most of the selections are Perfect.

 #32557  by Proprogrammer
 Wed Jan 19, 2011 8:46 am
yeah the test isnt that hard the hardest was the shortcut keys. It asked questions like this tool is use when and something like this which marquee tool do you use on this border(it shows a picture). Also each test is different. Before i took the test i was in photoshop classes for 6 months. so you should be prepared before taking it.
 #32564  by Proprogrammer
 Wed Jan 19, 2011 9:46 am
You order it online then they send it to you in the mail, after your done you send it back.(I think there is a time that you have to send it back by, it just depends when you order it.) It is pretty long. If you do pass you get a certificate from adobe(i havent goten mine yet, but it takes about 1 week for them to make it send it, ect). If you do pass you get to show this certificate to someone that is hosting a job interview with you(if it involves graphic design)then it gets you the job pretty much 80% of the time because the certificate is a really A classed thing that tells someone that your great at using Photoshop(basicly a expert). I would recommend getting a mac to use adobe photoshop on if not yet, alot easier!
 #32565  by Proprogrammer
 Wed Jan 19, 2011 9:52 am
Remember also you have to pay $120 dollars for the test! Dont mess it up! Also i recomend that you get Adobe photoshop cs5 if you dont already because Adobe goes only over the new versions of adobe. I also Have the Adobe photop\shopTutorial book which is around $200 LOL, but you should also get that, it tells you every possible thing you can do in photoshop and what all the shortcut keys are.
 #32566  by Proprogrammer
 Wed Jan 19, 2011 9:57 am
this will prep you and tell you everything about the Adobe certification Exam.
One more thing, If you do pass the test you can automaticly become a qualified teacher for Adobe Photoshop!
If your wondering how i got those dots, it is (Filter-Pixilate-Color halftone)
 #32788  by mikethedj4
 Thu Jan 20, 2011 11:19 pm
What's this haft to so with Linux? (of where you posted the topic)
Looks to me as if this topic belongs here.

The design is slightly poor in my opinion, and needs some work, but I can see it's a great step up in designing on what you've done.

I think that the text in the PhotoShop and After Effects logos, shouldn't be transparent, and should of remained there, also I don't like how the icons are as one is 3d and one is 2d, maybe remaking it into bother 3d, or both 2d.

Also the background I feel doesn't go well with the text, icons etc: or maybe that's cause I'm not a fan of vector art.

The visual studio logo is a little choppy on the left side, the apple logo is really smudged, I don't like anything on that minecraft logo, just an eye sore for me, and soft my C/C++ the "S" is cut off a bit.

The only thing I like on this whole thing is the CCleaner logo, it's a good start on putting all these together, and having a creative mind, I just don't like how their all put together, and done. Also Drop Shadows would of made a lot of this look better, but that's my opinion and critique on this.