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Post about and submit your favourite software for Linux.
 #80961  by mikethedj4
 Sun Mar 30, 2014 1:05 am
Some of you maybe firmiliar with Codiqa with is a website designer made to build JQuery Mobile apps/websites.

Now their web app has been around for quite sometime, but not to long ago they finally released Codiqa for Desktop. However we Linux users got ignored. Unfortunately Codiqa for Desktop is only available for Windows and Mac users that get a free trial upto 7 days.

I personally foundout about Codiqa when I went to the JQuery Mobile website and they had embeded Codiqa's web designer on there.

However at some point in history they now require you to register in order to use the app as well as some additional features for a monthly fee. So I Googled "Codiqa Prototypes" and I came across two links. The newer version is http://codiqa.com/builder/demo which looks similar to the current desktop version I've seen at time of posting. I also came across the older version I had seen on JQuery Mobile's website. Which you can use here, and this one doesn't require your email in order to download.

So I decided to make this prototype version available for Linux. Now it does require a internet connection as I'm only linking to it through an iframe in html. Just something to note and remember.

I made it using both C and PyGTK (using webkit as the browser engine). Therefore because I'm using PyGTK this can also be made available for Windows & Mac Users.

If you don't like Codiqa you can try Mobjectifyor the free and open source alternative being the Rapid Interface Builder.
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