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Here are some money making app ideas.

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Here are some money making app ideas.

Mon Sep 10, 2018 3:00 am

Want some money making app ideas? Read this article to find out some.


I made CamDesk, kodeWeave, WebDGap and many other apps because I had a problem and there was no solution out there for my problem.

To many times I see company's and freelancers sleep on innovation, I myself and guilty of this as well. Which is why I'll be focusing all my free-time on my business (If your in the U.S. and are interested in an opportunity outside full-time commitments, message me and we'll talk)

So in closing I wanted to share some app ideas I had written down I planned on making but are no longer a focus or a need as I have a much much much bigger vision. I'm sharing these app ideas so hopefully someone or some company out there can make it. Anyway! here are some app ideas for tech problems that yet need to be solved.

Advanced Beat maker+audio editor social network (Think of aviary back when they had their creative suite of apps)
Werble Social Network Alternative for Android & Desktops
Homeless go millionaire realistic 3d reality game for Android and Desktop (weather, insects, laws, herbalism, physics, etc:)
After effects alternative for mobile
Advanced Vector based animator for mobile (similar to Animatron)

My honest opinion is I don't see any of this happening for 5-10+ years because of the level of sophistication. Only thing that will increase the speed of development is collaboration. So whomever decides to build any of the apps. You really need to think of a high enough incentive for your team to work on it on a daily basis like it was a full-time job.

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