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  • If your a member of codenstuff then this is the main place to be. Get together..talk..chat and ponder. Have fun. Chill out. Play games.
If your a member of codenstuff then this is the main place to be. Get together..talk..chat and ponder. Have fun. Chill out. Play games.
 #4528  by CodenStuff
 Sat Oct 31, 2009 11:43 am
A guide on how to use the website

How do I register on the Community?
To become a member of our great community all you have to do is click 'Register' at the top right-hand corner of the screen. You will then be asked to enter some basic information but nothing too personal just Username, Password, E-mail. Once you have registered you can start posting immediately.

How do I post a Topic?
First goto the correct forum, for example if you need help on a VB project click on the 'Visual Basic' forum and once inside if you look at the top of the screen you will see a button called 'New Topic' and all you do is click on that.

How can I report a post that goes against the rules?
Go inside the post in question and click the triangle shaped icon with the '!' symbol inside it, we will then recieve your report and deal with it appropriately.

Where can I view the Tutorials?
You can get to the tutorial section of the website by visiting the link below and clicking the tutorial you wish to view.
Tutorials Section.

Where are the downloads?
To get to the download section click the link below and click the file you wish to download. They are represented by both pictures and titles to help you select the correct one. Downloads Section.

Ive downloaded a file but how do I use it?
You first need to open the file using a program like WinZip or WinRAR and extracting the files to a location on your computer. If you then navigate the the folder you just extracted in order to view the project files in the VB, C# or C++ environment you need to click the appropriate '.vbproj' file.

Can I use your download without a programming environment?
Yes. You can run the pre-compiled program by navigating to the 'Debug' folder: /application/bin/debug and running the '.exe' file inside that folder.

How to gain access to the VIP area?
Once you are on the VIP Area web page you will see a box with a paypal button on it and you need to click this button. You will then be taken to a secure page on the paypal website where you can enter your payment details for making the donation. Any donation amount of £1.00 or above will give you VIP Access to the site.

Why do you charge for VIP access?
This is to help keep the website running and also to ensure I can keep bringing you great tutorials and applications. It also helps to pay for other overhead charges I have but every penny earned goes right back into the website. It is a very small donation of £1.00 and gives unlimited lifetime access to all the latest and exclusive downloads/tutorials within the VIP Area and gives you access to a special zone in the community section exclusively for VIPs.

I cant afford the whole fee is there another way of gaining access to VIP stuff?
Yes, there are other ways which will grant you lifetime access to the VIP section of the community. You can find out more by visiting this page: VIP How-To

How do I know whats in the VIP Area is worth the fee?
You can see a complete list of available VIP content on the web page. Some tutorials/downloads will be added to the VIP area a couple of weeks before being made available in the public section(s) and otheres will be made exclusively for the VIP area and never made available in the public section.
 #6595  by CodenStuff
 Sat Jan 30, 2010 11:52 am
How to nominate a member for an Award

When you wish to nominate a member simply click on the members name to go into there profile page:
Then click "Nominate for Award"
Then choose the award you wish to nominate the member for and type a short message explaining why you think they deserve it.

Click submit and thats all you need to do :)

When other awards are available you can nominate members for them whenever you wish by using the same method. If you would like to see which medals are available and who has won them you can click the "Awards" link that should now be shown in the top links bar.
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