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C or VB.net Coder required

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C or VB.net Coder required

Tue Feb 16, 2016 4:37 am

Hi all ive been trying to access memory mapping from a .dll for the game Euro Truck Simulator 2
but have been unable to figure out how to access the memory

now here is the issue, as we all know people install programs all over the show, what i would like is for this program to be asked where to copy the dll to and then reference it and then be able to access the memory mapping of it.

documentation on the memory is here https://github.com/nlhans/ets2-sdk-plugin

if someone would be able to create simple GUI application where i can pull the information from the game i can then move forward and create the node.js addon to the remote server for live player tracking.

Platform: vb.net or C# whatever you choose :love;
Architecture: 64-bit

Price: i am willing to pay $50 usd to $100 usd

deadline: well as soon as possible really, i can program im just not good at accessing shared memory, i dont really work with dll files.

cheers and thanks to all
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