Beginner in Game Programming - Looking for Tips and Examples

Start your word games and stuff in here for people to take part and have fun with.
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Hi everyone,

I'm new to game programming and have recently started using Unity. Do you have any examples of exercises or small games that you created when you were beginners? I'd love to get inspired by your experiences to improve my skills.

Thanks in advance for your advice!
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Welcome to game programming! When I started with Unity, I worked on a few small projects that really helped me learn:

Simple 2D Platformer: Basic jumping, running, and collision detection.
Endless Runner: Procedurally generated obstacles and increasing difficulty.
Pong Clone: Classic paddle and ball mechanics with simple AI for the opponent.
Top-Down Shooter: Player movement, shooting mechanics, and enemy spawning.
These projects taught me the fundamentals and were fun to build.
Good luck with your learning journey!
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