I played Fortnite for a fortnight

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Hello all,

In between work and everything else I kept hearing about this "wickedly awesome addictive" game called Fortnite, an ultimate battle royal game that combines the joy and pleasure of shooting games with the creativity of building games like mine-craft.
Now I've never been a fan of mine-craft due to the fact that I just couldn't get in to it, I found it quite boring and pointless due to it not really having any goals or achievements. But I do love my shooting games and as you all know I am a big fan of Team Fortress, the original classic version not TF2...which is $*&%

Anyway, after hearing everyone talk about this new game I decided to give it a try and have been playing it on and off for the last 2 weeks. It is a very interesting game with loads of different elements involved.

The idea is that you join a team of 4 players and you compete against other teams with a maximum of 100 players total running around with the ultimate goal of killing you and winning the match. Its basically a last man standing wins all type of game.

You start by parachuting out of a flying bus....yes I said a flying bus....then free falling through the sky above a large island once you choose a spot you jump out, free fall and then deploy your glider to safely land at your strategically chosen destination. Then it gets interesting.

The only weapon you have to begin with is a pick axe which you need to use to destroy building, vehicles, trees and other objects to collect various elements like wood, brick or metal. As you do this you can pick up a host of randomly generated and placed weapons from hand guns to rocket launchers, health packs and shield tonics.

Once you've done that you roam around like Rambo trying to pick off anyone who isn't on your team but with a twist....you can build forts using the elements you collected and you use these forts to protect yourself, building a little hide-away of sorts or using your building skills to reach higher more difficult places on the map to help give yourself a strategic advantage.

It wasn't easy to start with as I kept on getting picked off by 10 year old kids who have been playing the game for months but after adjusting my control settings and learning more about the game I can now stand my ground and survive longer than 3 seconds. It is a good game and I now understand why people are talking about it so much because it is a lot of fun and now my go-to game after Team Fortress Classic.

If you haven't played it yet...or heard about it...then where have you been???

Download it and give it a try.

Graphics suit the game really well - Cartoon style
Easy to learn how to play after a couple of goes
Can take a while to download as it is almost 10GB in size

The game itself isn't finished yet but if this early access is anything to go by then I think their on to a winner here.


Give it a try :)
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It's a small miracle they're keeping this game on top for months and months. It only has one freaking map. How do people not get bored of it? haha
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