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JavaScript Text Typer HELP :|

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Re: JavaScript Text Typer HELP :|

Sun Dec 22, 2013 6:56 pm

mikethedj4 wrote:
XTechVB wrote:If you're planing to learn/use JavaScript, try not to rely on it for important functions, because in most browsers it can be easily turned off.
He's right for the most part. A lot of people actually do turn off JS, but most don't as most people I find to be computer illiterate.

This effect can be done in CSS3 alone, but it's a long process and must be done using CSS3 transitions/animations via keyframes. Which most of the common browsers support.

Please do not rely on my code though as it's very important when getting into programming to learn and understand the terminology that way you can read and write your own scripts and make whatever it is you want to make a while lot easier and faster; otherwise you'll have a very hard time.

hmm i Understand... Yea while searching i got this that It can be done through CSS... But I just want that code for fun.. Not for any special purpose ;) ... And yea.. I am learning JS.. :D from codeacademy and have reached on Loops.. Will again continue as i will get time.... Then I will fully understand that How that script works... BTW Thank you very much ;) loove;

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