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How To

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How To

Tue Oct 01, 2019 5:06 pm


well i'm working on a program for my work a windows program
so it will be the first time ever that i can make a program for them

so its hard to explain and the idea we have well
hope someone can help

it will be more then 1 tutorial request hopes that okay
i like to add the website to a browser part
and login into there database... i don't have access to it
only with my login
then i want to after login to access the customer list with all the items they have bought
with the link we have added in our db and when we select that customer we will be able to get on that page
i have tried without a browser part just the link but i get on the login page...

we also like to get the total items they have running so that not has been completed
we like to show that as well in our program
we will see that on the page of the customer item list
if we can provide that as well before we click the user in our program

when we open the program we enter the customer name on search textbox
we will get a custombar that shows the link and the total items are still running
and when we press the customer link we will get the customer item list on our webbrowser page

so if anyone can provide me a tut about that that will be awesome

how to import the xml with customer details
into our sqlite db but i like to after the import
to create the table and the records at once
like the xml page is with all the subtitles and the other cells
hope you get my point :)

and when we import a new xml again if also have to check if the 'username' from the customer not already exist in our own db
before import

hope it helps
and thanks


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