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DIY: iPod Touch Wall Mount

Posted: Sat Feb 18, 2012 7:53 pm
by mikethedj4
Now there's plenty of ways to make a wall mount, but here's an easy cheap once you can make at home.

If you still have the case your iPod came with, you can cut the bottom part off so you can still charge your iPod, and you can cut it off using a dremel, or a pocket knife.

If you don't want to cut it off, you can use Styrofoam as a stand for your desk, or also to keep the iPod still so it doesn't move. (Just make sure there's no wind, and that it has enough weight to hold the iPod up, expectantly if it's angled.)

Now get some Velcro, and the picture below should tell you what else to do.
ipod mount.png
What you can also do is put 1 piece of Velcro where you want the iPod to be displayed on the wall, and the other on the back of the iPod. Although I wouldn't recommend this as the tape will leave residue on the back of the iPod, but that's entirely upto you.

Also I wouldn't recommend to use this as a permanent wall mount, as you all can make something better than this, this is just a cheap one you can make so later on you can make a nicer one you can just slide in.