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LifeProof iPhone 4 Case - Extended Warrenty

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LifeProof iPhone 4 Case - Extended Warrenty

Tue Apr 24, 2012 4:29 pm

To extend your 90 Warranty of the 90 days to a 365 days follow the following instructions.
  • Start by going to http://www.lifeproof.com/support/warranty
  • Click Next
  • answer the questions:
    • What is the first and most important thing to do with your LifeProof case?
      Place your iPhone in the case
      *Perform a water test with the empty case
      Perform a water test with your iPhone inside the case
      Perform a shock test by dropping your case six feet
    • What is the Headphone Adapter cord used for?
      *To keep water and dust out
      To limit the iPhone's volume
      To extend the headphone cord length
      All of the above
    • What are the little black screws used for?
      *To screw into the headphone jack to keep water and dust out
      To help open and close the LifeProof case
      To replace the iPhone's home button
      To allow other phones to fit inside the LifeProof case
    • What is the cleaning pad used for?
      To clean the case's screen protector
      To clean your iPhone screen
      To clean the main O-ring seal
      *All of the above
    • How often should you check the O-ring of your LifeProof case?
      Once a day
      Once a week
      Once a month
      *Every time prior to closing your case
    • How long should the case be underwater for the water test?
      15 minutes
      *1 hour
      24 hours
      It does not matter as long as it is completely underwater
    • Why is it important that your screen protector be removed before installing the iPhone in a LifeProof case?
      It could interfere with optical clarity
      It could interfere with latches and cause water to leak into the case
      It could interfere with touch screen sensitivity
      *All of the above
    • When installing the iPhone into the LifeProof case, what is the most important thing to do?
      Make sure the iPhone is fully powered off
      *Make sure the O-ring is fully clean and obstruction free
      Make sure the volume buttons of the phone function correctly
      Make sure the iPhone camera works
    • How can the iPhone be charged when the LifeProof case is used?
      Using a special wireless charging pad
      With any device that has an iPhone connector
      The iPhone cannot be charged inside the case
      *With an official Apple charging cable
    • How can I connect my iPhone with LifeProof case to an external speaker?
      External speakers cannot be used with the LifeProof case
      *A special low-cost adapter allows the LifeProof case to work with any iPhone speaker
      Only LifeProof speakers can be used with the LifeProof case
      The LifeProof case only supports charging cables
    • The LifeProof case can be cleaned with the following items:
      In the washing machine with soft clothes, cold water and mild detergent
      In the dishwasher with standard dishwasher detergent
      By hand using bleach, solvents, harsh chemicals and abrasive brushes
      *By hand using a soft cloth, mild detergent and running water
    • What should you do every time you use your LifeProof case?
      Inspect the case for damage
      Make sure the case is tightly snapped closed all the way around
      Make sure the charger door is fully closed and sealed
    • All of the above
  • then click next
  • Fill in:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Phone Number
    • Email
    • Date The Case was Bought
    • Where you bought it
  • Click Next
  • Check your email for validation email.
  • Now your Done!
Thanks for reading :)

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