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Way to fix a broken project

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Way to fix a broken project

Thu Sep 27, 2012 4:20 pm

Hey guys, just found a way to fix a broken project :P
By broken i mean like if you lost some of the resources or just broke it :P (designers etc etc...)

I just recently found out about this when my latest program, Optimo (source files) wouldn't let me open and edit the source.

I thought i'd just might as well create a new Optimo from scratch.
As i browsed through the form codes, I found out that the "settings" form, had been re-generated (have no idea why...).

So I deleted the entire settings form, and voila! All the source files now works :)
Sorry if this is a little off topic, and if you already know this, but I recently found out, and I wanted to share it to the people who have broken projects and don't know how to fix it :)

So, just find the generated form.
It should conatin a "quote" text that says something like: "##########Auto Generated Form##########"
(within the code),

and if it does, simply delete it and create a new :) Much faster than making a new one from scratch :)

Please be nice, this was my first "tutorial" here ^^

And remember, if I helped, remember to +Rep :D
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