svgMotion: A vector animation tool

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I love making vector animations but if you're on a mobile device currently there's no app out there that allows you to make tween based animations. Desktop users have Blender, Synfig Studio, Keyshape, After Effects. If you're on a Chromebook you have Animatron Studio and even TweenUI but mobile users have been left in the dark far too long. That's why I decided to build svgMotion!







svgMotion uses a number of open source projects to work properly:

* AlertifyJS - For the awesome and stylish alert notification dialogs
* Font Awesome - a font and icon toolkit
* GifShot - Library to create gif animations from an image sequence
* Greensock - Library responsible for the whole animation process
* jQuery - duh
* JQuery MiniColors - For the color picker
* JSZip - package zip files in javascript
* Material Design Lite - Beautiful and customizable responsive interface library
* Normalize - CSS reset library
* Poly UI Kit - Beautiful and customizable responsive interface library
* FileSaver.js - Client-side solution for saving files

[url= ... eneric.png]Image


Want to contribute? Great!

You can submit a pull request or simply share the project :)

*As of June 8th, 2020 svgMotion is no longer an active project.
All updates as of that date and on are solely contributor based implementations.*

Of course svgMotion is free and open source, so you can always fork the project and have fun :)


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