XGODY Quad Core Android 5.1 Smartphone 3G Unlocked 5" Mobile

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Hey Guys and Gals

Don't know if anyone on here has one of these ( XGODY Quad Core Android 5.1 Smartphone 3G Unlocked 5" Mobile Phone Dual SIM GPS ) I just bought one from Ebay for £39.00 GB Pounds ( BRAND NEW)...

About 2-3 years back I bought a second hand Iphone3 for £28.00 GB Pounds, which was great as I love JAILBREAKING Iphones :), in fact I have 2 of them, the phone worked great but the only issue I have with the Iphone3 was that, I could only send Messages to other Iphones? ( which was strange as that really defeats what a phone is for) anyway I have put up with this issue for years. Then in the summer 2016 I went on Holiday and my Iphone just did not cut the Mustard, I had issues with it not ringing when people called me and also I still had the Messaging problem, so it really was useless, so when I got home i set about getting a new phone.. I nearly bought an Iphone 5/6 ( second hand) but decided against it as I was worried about the Messaging problem that I had on the Iphone3. Then I started looking on Youtube at Phone videos to see if there was any other phones out there that would suit my needs, after watching many videos I came across the XGODY Quad Core Android 5.1 Smartphone 3G Unlocked 5" Mobile Phone Dual SIM GPS and decided to check it out. Boy was I suprised how a very cheap phone works so well, it runs android Lollipop 5.1 and is pretty nice in looks and feel, it's responsive and it can send Messages to any other phone :D my SimCard fitted straight away and connected with no issues ( I always use Pay as you go SimCards ) also it is dual sim, so that is a bonus.

also it can connect to my Eye-fi card in my camera and I can take Images and then it will instantly transfer images over the Wifi card to the phone, Happy Days...

Anyways I just thought I would share this with you, If you are looking for a Cheap/Good phone then I don't think you would beat this one..


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I use to have ZTE One phone which was a Firefox phone, I ended up installing Android KitKat on to it and then a few months later a accidentally broke the screen :duh;

Then I decided to get a Windows phone Lumia 435 is my current one, its not super super powerful but does everything I need it to do, emails, web browsing, apps and also testing my own WP apps. I don't take a lot of photos so I high end camera phone or anything like it. If I ever break the screen on my Lumia then I'll check out the XGODY :teehe;
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