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Useful links/downloads to software and other resources for android.
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Homepage: https://mikethedj4.github.io/WebDGap/

If you haven't heard of my app WebDGap. It allows you to convert any website or html/css/javascript web application as a native desktop application. You can export it for Windows, Linux, Mac, a chrome application/extension and as a PhoneGap application so you can make it available for mobile devices too.

When you first launch WebDGap you'll be presented with a "How To" video to learn how to use WebDGap. I also even created this Instructable which illustrates how to export a Mac app on Android!

Currently WebDGap has been shared on TekZoom, the Bubble platform, and I've answered StackOverflow questions with it.

Like the video says WebDGap is free and open source. I'm making $0 out of this. I develop it in my free time if you like the app and would like to contribute you can donate here, contribute to the Github repo, or simply share the project. Enjoy!
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