WebDGapJS: Easily Export a Website as a Desktop App

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I just wanted to share WebDGapJS. It's a simple JS Plugin (more like a function) that makes it easy to export any website as a cross-platform desktop app using just 1 line of code.

The plugin is simple. You set the operating system for exportation, application name, logo's url, and application's url and WebDGap will do the rest.

Here's an example of how to call it.
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webdgap("chrome", "WebDGap", "https://mikethedj4.github.io/WebDGap/assets/images/icon.svg", "https://mikethedj4.github.io/WebDGap/");
Operating system exportation only accepts 7 values, "win", "win32", "mac", "lin", "lin32", "chrome", and "chromeext". If it doesn't you'll be presented with an error.
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