Crypto Paper Trading

Please post all your completed software applications in here. This is for full software which you have created and wish to release and share with everyone.
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Crypto Paper Trading
Crypto Paper Trader

Day trade crypto with out risking any money!

Try it now!







Crypto Paper Trader uses a small number of open source projects to work properly:

* JQuery - duh
* Normalize - CSS reset library
* Vue - Required in the original Pat Flew (Yes I forked his project)
* jqxSplitter - Resizable columns
* Gravit Designer - Sketched interface with Gravit Designer


Want to contribute? Great!

You can submit a pull request or simply share the project :)

As of Monday, May 10th, 2021 Crypto Paper Trader is no longer an active project.
All updates as of that date and on are solely contributor based implementations.

Of course, Crypto Paper Trader is free and open source, so you can always fork the project and have fun :)

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